Fleetwise is a configurable web-based Workshop Management Software application designed to simplify the management of an organisation’s fleet, driver and maintenance information and processes. The complete lifecycle of vehicles and assets can be managed using Fleetwise – from acquisition to disposal. Fleetwise can incorporate all your fixed costs and variable operating expenses, from utilization, maintenance, compliance, accidents through to re-marketing.

Monitor Assets
Easily monitor the costs and lifecycle of investments

Reduce Costs
Analyse trends, risks and overspends, reduce the workload

Increase Utilization
Right size the fleet and ensure its running to its full potential

Reduce fuel usage
Measure and reduce fuel usage, improve driver efficiency

Automate Processes
Integrate data and setup automations and alerts for key events

How does it work?

  • Fleetwise helps you manage the acquisition, procurement, allocation and disposal of vehicles, plant, assets and equipment –whether they are purchased, leased, rented or employee-owned.
    You can easily input and manage vehicle orders, then capture and store relevant information and documents (such as technical specifications, purchase and leasing contracts, depreciation figures, photos, intervals for renewal, service and inspections) in a single centralised system, for quick and simple access.
  • Fleetwise provides detailed visibility with regard to your accumulated fuel costs and individual transactions. It features automated integration with any commercial fuel card or electronic fuel management system.
  • Significantly improve your vehicle and equipment utilisation by introducing a Web-based booking system (available 24/7)
  • Store important data relating to accidents – including details of the driver, vehicle, date, time and location. You can also save information with regard to damage, repair quotations and photos required for insurance claims.
  • Optimal Route Planning & Precise Navigation


Automated Alerts
Send alerts and reminders to personnel of key events via text and email

Sort and Filtering
Organise, search and audit your data with extensive sort and filtering tools

API & Integration
Connect Fleetwise with other systems or suppliers with extensive integration options or its open API

Easily export data out of the system into formats including Word, Excel, CSV, plain text, JPEG, XML, Web services and more

Definable Workflows
Create your own workflows to update and track the status of tasks such as vehicle ordering, maintenance approvals and more

Flexible Dashboards
Oversee fleet operations from a graphical dashboard menu with KPIs and status updates

User Access Rights
Create different access levels to your system, so your users can see only see relevant features and data

8 Digital storage
Store all of your related media to any module helping reduce paper records and audit faster