Smart Track’s market leading web & mobile App based vehicle tracking solutions connect the location of your vehicles with software that collects fleet data. This vehicle tracking solution shows precisely the time spent behind the wheel and when, where and how your vehicle is utilised.

Real time tracking

Real time vehicle monitoring, with world class GPS / Satellite 24 Hr. tracking.
Whether your drivers are parked or on the move, get their precise mapped location, idiling times and travelling speed with SMART TRACK. This can help with proof of delivery and allows you to monitor working-time guidelines compliance.


Affordable, quality vehicle tracking solutions, delivered with execeptional after sales customer service.
Our vehicle tracking & fleet management solution covers;

Trip history with playback capability

Identify where to make savings by tracing previous trips. Our vehicle tracking system accurately records hours worked or hours spent behind the wheel and remembers where each vehicle in your fleet has been for up to 30 days in the past

Remote immobilization capability

Maintain control of your vehicle whenever & wherever it may be with our remote vehicle immobilization system. Whether it’s because you suspect vehicle theft, or because your vehicle is being used without your authorization.